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How to Stop Pop Ups on Mac Safari?

While working on the computer when a popup seen it will be an annoying task and creates disturbance in Mac Safari Web browser. The popups should be blocked to avoid inconvenience caused while working and performing any operation on your Mac where as you can also remove unwanted apps and reset notifications to remove popup check in details and remember the program, add on or plug ins causing problem.

If all of the popups blocked but you are in need to receive popup from some registered websites you need to turn off popup blocker to know read now How to Turn off Pop up Blocker in Safari on Mac. But if you want to stop pop ups on mac safari you can follow bellow listed methods to block popup and notifications.

how to stop pop ups on mac safari

Steps to Block Pop Up Ads On Mac Safari:


Step1: Open safari web browser and click on safari drop down and click on preferences section.

Step2: Now in opened preferences tab select content tab and check mark block all popup windows.

Step3: Select Exception button located below block popup windows and choose the site for which you don’t want to block popups.

Step4: Press Ok button to save the changes made.


Step1: Launch Safari browser while pressing shift button.

Step2: Select Preferences and click on security option.

Step3: Select Block popup windows option and click on website settings.

Step4: Check your default homepage and change the page if you want another home page.

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