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How to Remove Virus Warning Alert from Microsoft Edge Browser?

If you are using Microsoft Edge browser you might be affected with the “False virus warning” window that will not remove, even if you close and reopen the Edge on your system. When this warning message appears with a window it says “Firewall warning and your computer has serious virus and if you see this message call at support with a number”.

This Microsoft edge virus warning alert will almost freeze your Edge browser and even not allow you to open settings from the browser menu and you can’t open any new tab on this browser. May be your Edge browser is hijacked and showing this massage that you can remove with our blog post How to Remove Browser Hijacker From Microsoft Edge explained by the experts. Right here we are providing you the similar troubleshooting steps to remove virus warning alert on edge browser with complete safety.

 Remove Virus Warning Alert from Edge Browser

Steps to Remove Virus Warning Alert from Microsoft Edge:

Step1: First of all open the task manger and forcefully close the Edge browser. To open the task manager either you can right click after moving mouse on task bar where you will find the option, or you can press Alt+Ctrl+Delete simultaneously to open get the task bar window.

Step2: Now disable or disconnect internet connection on your system, to make your Edge browser offline that will not allow any further deceitful action.

Step3: Here you need to go through a directory: “C:Users<users>AppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_xxxxxxACMicrosoftEdgeUserDefaultRecoveryActive”, out of which “xxxxxx” is different for each user.

Step4: Once you have run this directory just delete the last folder that basically exists in the name of “Active”.

Step5: Now you need to open another directory into notepad through run window. Just type of copy and paste - “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” and press ok.

Step5: When you run this command a text file into notepad will open, you don’t need to delete or modify anything into this file, just check if there is any bunch of IPs connected below “Localhost” at the bottom means your system has been hacked.

If you find there are a bunch of strange IPs connecting your system it means your computer might be hacked and you need to call immediately at Microsoft edge support number and take help from tech professionals to remove such fake warning virus or make your system free from hackers. These techies will help to solve virus warning alert problem and also help you for how to browse internet safely with Edge browser and avoid such fake virus warning alert.


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