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How to Fix Untrusted Connection Error in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox showing warning message “This Connection is Untrusted” sometimes irritates you or stop to think before you open the site. This message comes when there is an issue with security level of URL. Actually, the problem is mainly related with security certificates which are represented by https. You will notice this message when you open such unsecured websites.

Every time when you visit a particular website with HTTPS, your browser identifies the SSL certificate fails to authenticate, the message comes with a pop-up window appears on your browser warns you to ensure your privacy and protect you from possible identity theft. If you notice this error again-and-again and want to solve this issue, read the best process for making your web browsing uninterrupted and enjoying


Check and Update Date & Time of Your PC

When error (SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE) appears it means data and time of your computer is not matching with the internet time showing on browser. Check the clock and calendar to update the same with browser internet timing. Merely matching the time your error problem will be fixed automatically.

Turn-off or Disable Firewall or Antivirus Temporarily

Antivirus software or firewall security software sometimes block such SSL connections, and Firefox fails to verify the HTTPS websites resulting showing the message on your computer screen. Hence, for a while disable Firefox security or Antivirus protection on your PC, especially web browser security settings. If you need help to adjust these settings, call Mozilla browser support offered by online technicians.

Due to Domain Specific Certificates Not Valid

The Error code “ssl_error_bad_cert_domain” informs you that the SSL certificate showing the page you are visiting is not valid, that means it is fake website or there is some mistake while setting up that particular website. If www is missing from the URL, try after adding this before the site or load the page without https. If you have any other problem with Browser, you can call to Mozilla Firefox support phone number.  

When SSL Certificate is expired for that Website

If the SSL security certificate is expired for a particular website, and site owner forgot to renew the same, then also you will notice such error with code “sec_error_expired_certificate”. You can’t fix this error, because this is from server side and only site owner can help you to fix the issue. And certificate expiration problem also occurs when your system’s wrongly showing the future date and time after the validity date of website. Mozilla Firefox customer service can help you change your date & time etc.

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