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How to Fix Too Many Redirects Error Safari?

If unable to open any web page in safari you are facing too many redirects at the same time. This issue can be easily resolved by clearing cookie data and resetting browser after this option you have to force quit the browser. Safari is a web browser used in apple operating system to browse internet in this case the browser has entered in an infinite loop.

You can also read our blog post if your safari is crashed read here to fix safari browser cash issue on Mac OS X. But to resolve safari error message too many redirects seen in Mac web browser can be resolved by following step by step procedure explained below in this blog post.

too many redirects error on safari

Steps to Fix Too Many Redirects Error Safari Mac:


Step1: Open safari browser, if browser is already open select preferences.

Step2: Now click on privacy icon and open up privacy settings.

Step3: Open details by click on details button, select “remove all website data button” to remove history from safari.

Step4: Now search salesforce in and click on remove button.
After clearing history now clear cookies and temporary files


Step1: Open safari web browser.

Step2: Click on top left in safari of your screen on apple icon.

Step3: Now select preferences tab and open privacy tab.

Step4: Now uncheck private site tracking.


Step1: Open web browser and click on apple icon located at the upper left corner of the web browser.

Step2: Click on force quit.

Step3: Click on safari then select force quit.

Step4: Confirm your selection by pressing ok.

Call Browser Support Number 1-888-311-3841 to Fix Safari Browser Errors on Mac

If not able to solve the browser redirect error in safari after following all the steps given above you can call an expert. To get connected with browser professionals you can contact safari support number and get online help to fix safari cannot open page too many redirects error. A team of experienced tech professionals is working here to fix the browser issue in Apple Mac with right approach.


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