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How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Firefox?

To fix SSL connection error in Firefox, first we have to know the cause of this error. This error can occur when SSL certification is not updated, mismatch of the date and time of system, it can be due to antivirus protection, even web page may contain some secure or insecure data and can be due to untrusted SSL certificates. To troubleshoot and fix the error read steps mentioned below.

You can also check our last blog post to remove adware from Firefox. An adware in a browser can also cause SSL connection error. It may leads to slow down your web browser. The internet speed will be eaten up by web browser. You can find blog here: How to remove adware from Mozilla Firefox browser. But for latest blog post you can check steps mention below.

Fix SSL Connection Error in Firefox?

Steps to Fix SSL Connection Error in Firefox:

Step1: You can check the date and time zone of your web browser and of the system if they are different set the correct time with time zone for both

Step2: Now open antivirus go to settings now select networks section and just uncheck scan encrypted settings. Clicks apply and press ok and restart the web browser.

Step3: In URL box type out: about:config and hit enter, now you receive a message “this may void your warranty” now choose “I’ll be careful, I promise”, now in filter bar enter”browser.ssl_override_behavior”. Double click the value shown inn “preference name” and type in between 1 to 2. Then click ok and restart Firefox, it will fix Firefox SSL error secure connection failed.

Call Mozilla Browser Support Number 1-888-311-3841 to Fix SSL Connection Error

If after following complete procedure given above Firefox SSL error secure connection failed is not resolved you can contact an expert. To get in touch with Browser technical team you can call Mozilla Firefox customer support number and to get help online to fix the browser problem. A team of expert tech professionals are working here to troubleshoot SSL connection error in Mozilla Firefox with desired solution to such problems.

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