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How to Fix Security Certificate Error in Mozilla Firefox?

This error code comes when secure connection failed and browser does not recognize the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate that is configured for z/OSMF. If the certificate is not validated or encryption is not strong enough on your browser, Firefox will stop the connection to the website and will show an error page with the message “your connection is not secure”.

To fix security certificate error on Mozilla Firefox you have to add the CA certificate to the security exceptions list or import the CA certificate into the browser. Similarly, SSL connection error is also very common among the Mozilla users which you can fix by reading our blog How to fix SSL connection error in Firefox. However, right now we have discussed the best way to fix security certificate error on Mozilla Firefox suggested by our browser experts.

Fix SSL Connection Error in Firefox?

Steps to Fix Mozilla Firefox Security Certificate Error:

FIRST METHOD: Add CA to the Security Exceptions List

Step1: Click Or you can add an exception on the error page,.

Step2: Now click Add Exception and select Get Certificate.

Step4 Here click View to display a window that describes the problem with your z/OSMF site.

Step5: Now after you have verified the certificate, close the dialog.

Step6: Here if you leave the Permanently store this exception check box selected, Firefox stores the certificate information to prevent the error from being displayed again.

Step6: Now click Confirm Security Exception to trust the z/OSMF site.

SECOND METHOD: Import CA Certificate into the Browser

Step1: Navigate Tools menu and click Options sub menu.

Step2: Now select advanced tab and Click View Certificates.

Step3: Here just select the Authorities tab and Click Import.

Step4: Open File menu, navigate to the folder to which you transferred the CA certificate.

Step5: Now select the certificate file and click Open.

Step6: In the dialog box, select the Trust this CA to identify web sites check box.

Step7: To import the certificate to your browser, press OK button.

Call Mozilla Support Number +1-888-311-3841 to Fix Firefox Security Certificate Error

With these two simple methods you can fix the security certificate error on Firefox browser. However, if any one of the above method not works you can remove the CA certificate from the browser or call Mozilla Firefox support phone number to get online assistance by our experts and fix the actual problem triggering this error. Our browser support number is open 24-hour to assist you and solve browsing related various issues online to make browsing trouble-free.

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