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How To Fix Safari Cannot Connect To Server Error?

After installing OS X update on your mac you may face safari cannot connect to server error. It may work fine for some days but after some time it will not able to connect to server although you can use internet in Google chrome in the same system. Your internet is running perfectly but Safari is not responding to any of the query.

If safari is running slow on Mac and you are not able to fix the issue read here How to Fix Safari Running Slow issue on Mac. If you are not able to connect to internet you can follow the procedure mentioned below to fix safari can't find server error. Each method is sufficient to fix error on safari web browser in Apple Mac.

Fix Safari Cannot Connect To Server

Steps to Fix Safari Cannot Connect To Server Error:


Step1: Open safari web browser.

Step2: In menu bar select preferences and click on privacy in it.

Step3: Now press removes all website data and press ok to confirm.

Step4: Restart browser and check safari can't find server error has been fixed.


Step1: Open Apple menu from Mac book.

Step2: Open app stores containing Mac.

Step3: Click on updates and select the latest version to update.

Step4: After updating restart the computer and try to use internet in safari.


Step1: Open safari and in address bar type and press go.

Step2: If Google opens your internet is working.

Step3: Open setting if not working.

Step4: Select Wi-Fi and tap blue button right to the network signal.

Step5: Replace all the values under DNS to or (Google’s Public DNS).

Step6: Save and exit to check error has been fixed.

Call Safari Support Number 1-888-311-3841 to Fix Server Connection Error

For any further issue you face with safari web browser contact Safari support phone number where various issues are fixed in safari web browser. The technical support number will provide round the clock assistance to fix or remove redirect virus from Safari with right solutions to the problem.

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