How to Fix Privacy Error in Google Chrome?

It is very irritating to have a Privacy Error in Google Chrome. If someone is trying to steal our personnel information or the web site is not secured by SSL certificates. When user encounters such window privacy error in Google Chrome browser they need to be very careful and avoid entering any secret information on that site.

Such errors occur when a recognized third party has not issued a certificate, or the certificate has not been updated and insecure connection between browser and website. No wonder if a message popup like this on screen, user will try to fix the issue now, follow simple steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

fix google chrome privacy error

Steps to Fix Privacy Error in Google Chrome Browser:

Step1: Check Date and time – it is the primary bug for the error to occur. To resolve simply check your date and time zone now, try to update with the correct time zone and with correct time and date with appropriate time zone according to the location. Using proxy on a system Chrome browser can leads to change in date or time to fix connection error visit our blog how to fix proxy server connection error in Google chrome.

Step2: Check antivirus software – If your date and time are set to accurate then there must be an issue with antivirus scanning. Antivirus can block security certificates and the error occurs to trouble shoot follow steps.

  1. Open settings of antivirus software navigate to web shield to customize. Uncheck https scanning update the setting and exit.
  2. Open settings navigate to privacy control, select anti phishing tab disable scan SSL update and exit.

Step3: Cleanup Browser – open settings and click on advanced settings options clear browsing data all time. If still face error reset the browser open settings go to advanced settings, select reset settings finally reset the browser.

Step4:  When you know that by all means site is secured you need to browse the website click on advanced link then click proceed to web link.

Step5:  You can prevent this warning for a specific period of time.

  1. Enter chrome://flags in Chrome.
  2. Search for remember decision to proceed through SSL.
  3. Go to drop down select desired settings followed by proceed(unsafe)

If by following these set of instructions you are unable to troubleshoot contact Google Chrome technical support

Call Chrome Support Number +1-888-311-3841 to Fix Privacy Error in Chrome

If after following all the steps given above privacy error in Google Chrome still faced you can call an expert. To get in touch with browser professionals you can contact browser support number and get online help to fix the Chrome problem. A team of certified tech professionals working here to fix the Google Chrome web browser problems using the right tools and techniques to give safe results.


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