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How to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working On Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge browser is mainly developed for windows 10 users. Loaded with incredible features like document reader, image editor and many more actions, Edge is an advance web browser run at faster speed without taking time to open new web pages on tabs.

However, presently after the creators update for windows 10, users are facing a problem in Microsoft edge browser. Users are complaining that Microsoft edge not working after downloading creators update and now they want to fix this problem. Here below we explained the right process for how to fix Microsoft edge not working on windows 10 problem.

Uninstall the Latest Update of Windows 10

If you have updated your PC with windows 10 creators update, uninstall the same right now from your computer to fix Microsoft edge problem. To uninstall the update go to settings choose windows update and then click on update history located on the right side of the pane. Check the latest update and uninstall the same creating Edge browser problem.

Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working On Windows 10

Update Drivers to Fix Microsoft Edge Browser

Drivers that are incompatible, outdated or incorrectly configured into windows 10 PC also creates a problem while web browsing on Edge browser. Apart from edge not working, if you are facing wireless connection issue, slow running of computer, boot loop when powering on or see the black screen after the updating creators update, you need to update all the drivers.

Repair the corrupt system files to solve edge browser issue

To fix the Edge browser not working problem you need to repair the corrupted system files on your system. To perform this action you need to access through administrator and run few commands to open the window directly. If you need help, Microsoft edge technical support is providing online help to repair such files and solve your Edge browser problems.

Reset Microsoft Edge Browser on your Computer

If you are trying to open the browser but it appears with logo only and then disappears instantly or close down automatically and facing a problem to initialize the browser again then you need to reset this browser once more with recommended configuration and settings to avoid not working issues. Here, again if you need help Microsoft edge customer support service comes to the rescue and reset the Edge browser and related other issues.

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