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How to Fix Certificate Error in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a web browser introduced by Microsoft it supports coding environment for developers and now a day widely used in windows 10. Certificate error in Microsoft Edge is a critical error and must be fixed on time as it may lead to a serious error. Generally this error occurs when security settings are not correct and user friendly this error appears.

Users may also face issue with Edge in Microsoft windows 10 operating system and not able to run Edge in windows 10. Users can follow step by step instructions for how to fix Microsoft edge not working on Windows 10. But if after following the post users get Microsoft Edge security certificate error user can follow methods explained below to fix the error.

Certificate Error in Microsoft Edge

Steps to Fix Microsoft Edge Invalid Certificate Error:


Step1: Open clock from bottom right corner.

Step2: Select adjust date and time.

Step3: If not correct set time automatically to off mode and after 10 seconds set it to on.

Step4: Now click on Apply and exit the application to restart your computer.


Step1: Press windows and s at the same time.

Step2: Open Internet options from the search and click on security tabs in it.

Step3: Now select trusted sites and set security level to medium-low.

Step4: Now click on apply and press ok to save the settings.


Step1: Now click on custom level button.

Step2: Now search for Download unsigned active X controls and set it to enable.

Step3: Now click on Ok to save settings.


Step1: Open internet options again and select advanced tab.

Step2: Search for warn about certificate address mismatch uncheck this option or disable it.

Call Microsoft Support Number 1-888-311-3841 to fix Edge Certificate Error

After following all the steps given in blog above if certificate error in Microsoft Edge is not fixed you can contact an expert. To get connected with Edge professionals you can call now to get in touch with Edge support phone number and get help online to fix the Edge problem. A team of certified tech professionals working here to fix the Microsoft edge browser for computer in windows 10 with right approach.



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