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How to Block a Website on Safari Mac?

In general blocking a bunch of sites or a single website on safari in Mac web browser is done for privacy or due to security needs. Although mac is a secured operating system as compare to other operating systems but the safari browser still needs to be optimize according to the need of user.

If you are not able to use browser plugins for internet you need to know How to Use Internet Plug-ins in Safari Browser for Mac. But child security is must and to block website on safari web browser on Mac you will need to follow the procedure listed below to solve the issue and execute step by step all the methods.

Block a Website on Safari Mac

Steps for How to Block a Website on Safari Mac:


Step1: Open finder or search in Mac and search for terminal.

Step2: In terminal type sudo pico /etc/hosts and enter the admin password if asked.

Step3: In host file scroll down to the bottom and press enter.

Step4: Type IP address followed by the url of the site you want to block.

Step5: Press control + O at the same time and hit enter to save.

Step6: Type command sudo dscacheutil –flushcache in terminal and press enter.


Step1: Create a new user account for the children.

Step2: Open system preferences for your Mac account.

Step3: Select parental control from the options and click on the lock located at the bottom.

Step4: Click on lock will ask you for password enter password and click on unlock.

Step5: Now select the user account you want to lock and press the web tab.

Step6: Now select options try to limit adult websites automatically and press customize button.

Step7: Now in never allow these websites section press + icon and enter sites want to block.

STEP8: Press ok and save all the Windows

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